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REEVES | prime penthouse interior styling

This penthouse is just one of a collection of apartments in this development in the heart of the London, with views over the icons of the city: the Thames, London Eye and Houses of Parliament.

Having been asked to fully dress the penthouse, we took it as an opportunity to add a sense of lifestyle and fun to this great interior scheme. Colour and texture balance the luxury tones of walnut joinery, oak flooring and distinguished stones.

We wanted to soften the existing masculine scheme and bring a sense of calm to the harder surfaces of glass and stone. We always work hard to ensure the budget fits the scheme and with the penthouse pieces we chose to create an eclectic, lived in feel. Like a collected space rather than a showroom. Like a home where art is always feature, and craftsmanship, texture and an english style sings free.

3,000 sq ft  | Developer Client, PPR Estates | Dressing & Styling

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We love working with Hannah and her team. They always bring the right amount of style to our schemes and they never fail to deliver.
— Adam Bitel - PPR Estates
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Photography by Edmund Dabney

Photography by Edmund Dabney

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Artwork by Croft

Artwork by Croft

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