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SMITTY’S EAST | east london jazz bar

We had been working with Jack & Giacomo for a period before they came across this site. In that time with them we had really honed down what the space should feel like, above and beyond what it should look like. This was a massive help, because when the site landed, we had a limited programme and budget to work to. We had to make decisions quickly, ensuring they were on brand and on budget.

We just love this space and how much its grown with the guys.

600 sq ft | Kansas Smitty’s | Interior Design, Dressing & Styling, Creative Direction

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Photography by Ian Dingle

Photography by Ian Dingle

Rose and Hannah rolled their sleeves up and worked with us very closely on a tight budget and specific brief. We couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.

Their attention to detail, calm & considered manner was invaluable in hitting our opening day and Giacomo & I not killing each other in the process!
— Jack Abraham