WILBUR | unique industrial private residence

This project was a journey of excitement from the start. A converted bacon warehouse just south of the river has been lovingly developed into a home of luxurious detailing and exquisite finishes, a home for relaxation and a place for entertaining, a place like no other.

Our client wanted the building to express the character of its heritage whilst also making it a true expression of themselves. There are areas for relaxation and quiet, work and play, exercise and action. With simple detailing, reusing and celebrating the existing building materiality and structure, we stripped back the interior to create open plan living spaces and define areas of use.

Materials are the perfect balance of refined and industrial.

6,000 sq ft | Private Client | Interior Design, Dressing & Styling

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Artwork by Sabina Savage

Artwork by Sabina Savage

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I have greatly enjoyed my collaborations with Rose, Hannah and the team at Studio Clement. They create beautiful elegant interiors, are effortlessly professional and great fun to work with. As a soft furnishings specialist it’s a rare joy to work with designers that have such a good understanding of fabrics - which makes my job that much easier.
— Amanda Baker, Elephant Road Studio
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