Artwork by Ed Burkes

Artwork by Ed Burkes

HOPPER | contemporary london apartment styling

The first project in this development, we were asked on board to enhance the existing interior scheme to show how these the apartments could be displayed for sale as places that were lived in. Set to task with delivering on concept, furniture selection, procurement and installation we delivered to budget on a tight programme.

For inspiration we looked to Neue house, drawing upon the principles of cool comfort, contemporary styling and touches of the mid century. To balance a masculine scheme, it has been softened with window treatment, fabric layering, texture and warmer, caramel tones. An Italian edge to the furniture displays pieces with clean lines, whilst the bespoke design of headboards brings a refined detail with tailored inspiration.

Streamlined accessories and artwork from the Columbia Road Gallery bring rooms to life.

2,000 sq ft  | Developer Client, PPR Estates | Dressing & Styling 

Photography by Christoffer Rudquist

Photography by Christoffer Rudquist